Usenet Server (was: freebsd list admins?)

Sabine Baer baerks at
Wed Jun 22 07:44:06 UTC 2011

On 22.06.2011, at 09:00, Frank Bonnet wrote:
> If anyone knows some free USENET servers I would be happy to know it
> in France it becomes VERY hard to find one and I would like to setup  
> one
> BUT I need some feeders !
> I don't care about alt.* but we need the big 8


Not absolutely 'free', but a very well maintained one:

It's the newsserver of the Freie Universitaet (Free University) Berlin
It costs 10,00 EUR per annum.

Those are private and free and of good reputation:

> Thanks and sorry for that offlist question ...

If the death of usenet could be delayed...


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