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Traiano Welcome Traiano.Welcome at mtnbusiness.co.za
Mon Jun 20 08:48:52 UTC 2011

Hi List

We have a FreeBSD 6.2-STABLE #0 server running as a general unix shell server. Recently the system has been running at high load (average 8, and cpu 100%), and even  more recently we've started  seeing the following types of error when we do cvs commits on the system. The system has between 150 to 200 users on it during the day.

"/: write failed, filesystem is full"
Error: /tmp/file.commit.72971.tmp: No space left on device; /tmp/file.commit.72971.tmp: WARNING: FILE TRUNCATED

The disks are definitely not full (this shows up in df -hi), both in terms of storage space and inode utilisation. However the cpu utilisation is permanently at 100%, and we're aware of which processes are causing the utilisation. My question is: Is it possible,  under some circumstances that cpu starvation could result in the type of "filesystem is full" errors we're seeing above?

Thanks in Advance,
Traiano Welcome

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