Any working SIP-phone on FreeBSD?

Bill Tillman btillman99 at
Sun Jun 19 21:55:41 UTC 2011

Wow. this thread really took a turn for the worse. So getting back to the main 
topic about SIP phones, I have been using SIP phones since 2006 and I never 
found anything that worked under FreeBSD. Mainly for this reason and this reason 
seems to mirror where this thread went off topic.

While I could make something work on my end, because I'm a hobbyist, I could not 
get my friends, family, co-workers, customers, etc... to make anything work, 
even in the M$ environment. The main reason is that hackers in this world have 
caused all of us to in one way or another deploy firewalls. And I would say that 
99% of the non-hobbyists out there don't have a clue how to configure their 
firewall, indeed many of them don't even know they have one working. Whether 
it's M$ built-in firewall or the firewall on their ISP supplied router/modem, or 
the hotel they are staying at is blocking SIP ports. Unless you can get the 
person on the other end to receive your phone call then very little works. Which 
is a real shame because as a hobbyist I have done some really neat things with 
SIP phones, Asterisk, not to mention VPN and other packages. But without another 
hobbyist on the other end, its proved more than impossible to get things working 
which I could really use on a daily basis.

Oh and just in case...I use Asterisk on FreeBSD-8.2-STABLE as my PBX for my 
private home office. I connect via SIP with a VOIP provider who provides not 
only phone service but a DID as well. I use SIP phones (actual phones, not 
software) to make my SOHO appear to be a professional corporate office with 
transfers, conference calls, Music on hold, voice mail, the works. I 
occassionally use an IAX softphone or SIP softphone program on Windows to make 
and receive calls but for the most part I use the actual phones. Several friends 
and family members have asked me to set them up similarly but unless I could 
make it totally handsfree for them there is no way it will ever work, simply 
because they are not hobbyists like me and have no desire to do anything but 
click a big button on their desktop which looks like a phone. Anything beyond 
that and you're into the realm of impossible....again.

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