Jerome Herman jherman at dichotomia.fr
Fri Jul 29 12:32:42 UTC 2011

On 07/29/11 11:15, Jeffrey Everling wrote:
> Dear sir/madam
> On my work I have a system which uses FreeBSD 6.3 as platform.
> Now we want to upgrade to 8.2 but do we need to upgrade to 7.x first?
> The update manual to 8.2 on the site does not mention 6.x

Yes you definitely should upgrade to 7.x first.

Straight double upgrades can be very tricky.

The best approach would be to set-up another box directly in 8.2 and 
migrate users, data and daemons in a careful and progressive way.

If you cannot use another server for the migration, then you should :
- Read /usr/ports/UPGRADING carefully, same goes for /usr/ports/CHANGE.
- Backup your box
- Make sure  your box can reboot on its own and then upgrade the port 
tree and grab the latest version for all your ports
- Make sure your box still reboots and works fine and then backup again 
(on an new tape/different file)
- Upgrade to 7.X following the handbook
- Stay on 7.X for one month or two, just to make sure there are no 
problems with your 7.X install. Then backup again (you can overwrite one 
of the previous backup if you are short on space)
- Upgrade to 8.X following the handbook.

The way you are asking the question makes me think you are not very 
comfortable with FreeBSD,  which in turns makes me think there are two 
possibilities :
1 - You setup the 6.3 box yourself but for very simple tasks (like 
firewall and DNS, maybe a webserver and that is it)
2 - Someone else set-up the box ages ago, left the company (or got 
promoted out of IT) and you have been officially chosen to clean up.

In the later case it would be a good idea to make a longer post on this 
mailing list explaining the role of this server and the ports installed 
on it.

Jerome Herman

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