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Fri Jul 29 12:15:23 UTC 2011

On Fri, 29 Jul 2011 11:15:54 +0200, Jeffrey Everling wrote:
> Dear sir/madam
> On my work I have a system which uses FreeBSD 6.3 as platform.
> Now we want to upgrade to 8.2 but do we need to upgrade to 7.x first?
> The update manual to 8.2 on the site does not mention 6.x

Depends on HOW you want to upgrade.

For the "go through" way, I would suggest to upgrade
from 6 to 7, and from 7 to 8. If you can use binary
updates (freebsd-update), you can do that. This
way is often suggested.

In case you want to upgrade by source, either "go
through" as well as "go to" should be possible (e. g.
use CVS or any preferred means to get 8.2's sources,
then run the build and install process, and then
upgrade your installed ports).

However, if you _can_, you can do a "new install"
with 8.2. This means you first back up your settings
and user data (as you should already have a full
backup of the system before starting _any_ upgrade
work), then you install 8.2, for example from CD,
and you also remove all installed ports. Have a list
handy that states which ports you need, and after
you successfully installed 8.2, install those
ports "from scratch". After that, unload your user
data and make the neccessary changes to the system
and service configuration. Check everything (don't
"just copy" settings), as some changes might have
taken place.

(I've used the last way described personally.)

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