ATA troubles

Andrea Venturoli ml at
Mon Jul 25 12:52:16 UTC 2011

On 07/25/11 12:01, Jerome Herman wrote:

> Ok I must have been way more tired than I thought when I answered...


> A few things though,
> WD Green have always been very problematic, in FreeBSD and elsewhere.

I acknowledge that.
However, I think I can live with some glitch, but what I'm experiencing 
seems to me far too much: such a drive might slow down, but this should 
not result in a kernel panic.

> The problem you are encountering is not new, cf

I know: however I only found a lot of reports, with no solutions.


I've only looked briefly into this, but I'll read it carefully.

> Some people even think there is a cryptic bug somewhere in the ATA driver.

That's what I'm starting to think.
In case anyone is interested, now that I have a test box up and running, 
I'm willing to try anything fancy.

> I now avoid WD caviar green completely.

That's what I'll do in the future.
However, I've seen posts reporting this kind of troubles with other 
brands too.

> As for SMART test,
> I would not believe them, SATA drives tends to silently remap bad
> blocks, leaving SMART counters untouched.

I know; I'll run WD's diag tools from time to time.

> A long time ago Scott Long offered to help track this problem, you might
> want to contact him and see whether he found something.

I'm CCing him.

  bye & Thanks

P.S. I tried updating from 7.3 to 8.2 and see if anything changed, but I 
still get the same problems.

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