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Jerome Herman jherman at
Mon Jul 25 10:01:19 UTC 2011

On 25/07/2011 08:33, Andrea Venturoli wrote:
> On 07/25/11 02:45, Jerome Herman wrote:
>>> At the beginning of June, I installed two WD 1TB Caviar Green SATA
> >>
>> Just a shot in the dark : are your drives of the "green" kind ? Such as
>> Western Digital Caviar Green ?
> Exactly.
> I disabled the idle timer though.
>> Also since they are ATA drives make sure you are using 80pins ribbons
>> and that DMA is properly activated in BIOS.
> They are SATA drives.

Ok I must have been way more tired than I thought when I answered...

A few things though,
WD Green have always been very problematic, in FreeBSD and elsewhere. 
FreeBSD is just very, very touchy when it comes to ATA errors.
The problem you are encountering is not new, cf . 
Some people even think there is a cryptic bug somewhere in the ATA driver.
I had my share of strange errors, but with gvinum rather than 
geom_stripe. I now avoid WD caviar green completely. As for SMART test, 
I would not believe them, SATA drives tends to silently remap bad 
blocks, leaving SMART counters untouched.

A long time ago Scott Long offered to help track this problem, you might 
want to contact him and see whether he found something.

>> You can also try to reduce DMA level, it must be on UDMA5 by default,
>> try using UDMA 4 (aka UDMA/66) or UDMA 3.
> Does this apply to SATA?
> How would I do that?
>  bye & Thanks
>     av.
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