Lennart Poettering: BSD Isn't Relevant Anymore

Eduardo Morras nec556 at retena.com
Tue Jul 19 14:32:51 UTC 2011

At 11:20 19/07/2011, Jerome Herman wrote:
>>>A FreeBSD distro with LDAP, ACL and MAC management would be nice though.
>>You could create a port that brings all this functionality
>>in one rush. Remember that the ports collection is more than
>>just about installing software - it can be used to even
>>bring such features to the system and configure them.
>A port that would reboot in single user, use tunefs to activate ACL 
>here and there, activate MAC and move most users to an LDAP auth ? I 
>don't think so.
>Actually I would be scared if such a port was accepted in the port tree.

Perhaps a jail based distribution, the port creates a jail, sets acl 
and mac on a new dedicated disk/slice/partition/mount point/whatever 
and moves users to the ldap. Currently FreeNAS, pfsense,  nor 
monowall don't allow installation in a jail, it could be great. 

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