Tools to find "unlegal" files ( videos , music etc )

Ryan Coleman editor at
Tue Jul 19 05:05:47 UTC 2011

On Jul 18, 2011, at 10:23 PM, Robert Bonomi wrote:

>> Date: Mon, 18 Jul 2011 23:01:53 -0700
>> From: perryh at
>> Subject: Re: Tools to find "unlegal" files ( videos , music etc )
>> Robert Bonomi <bonomi at> wrote:
>> <snip specific suggestions re awk(1), file(1), find(1), grep(1), etc.>
>> All well and good for locating files of a certain format and/or
>> with particular content, but it doesn't address the question of
>> whether a specific copy is "legal", i.e. did the user who put it
>> there have the legal right to put it there?
> {{ Noting that the troll contributed nothing constructive to the OP's
>   problem, _or_ to dealing with the pseudo-issue he raises. }}
> Obviously the ankle-biter was incapable of reading the ACTUAL REQUEST
> the OP made:
>  "Anyone knows an utility that I could pipe to the "find" command
>   in order to detect video, music, games ... etc  files ?
>   I need a tool that could "inspect" inside files because many users
>   rename those filename to "inoffensive" ones :-)"
> NOTE WELL that the OP was _smart_enough_ -- unlike the prior poster -- to
> ask about something that _can_ be done mechanically.
> Furthermore, it was _explicit_ in the actual suggestion that it only 
> produced a list possible 'suspects' -- It did _not_ provide any indication 
> of status -- 'legal', or otherwise.

Go to hell. He wants to rename the files that are illegal to ones that aren't. That's circumventing copyright law and would land him or her in jail. This topic, based solely on ethics, should not be discussed as any suggestions that this is LEGAL to do supports copyright violations.

I would record those names and DELETE them but only if the TOS supports it. If it does not, then you get the DCMA notice and handle it accordingly from the copyright holder.


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