FreeBSD 8.2 Xorg and Raedon HD 6850

Thomas D. Dean tomdean at
Tue Jul 19 01:56:45 UTC 2011

I read the information on about the 6850 and I think I am
confused.  I have an HP Envy 3D 17" laptop with this video adapter.

First, it appears there may be limited support for this card.  The
bottom line seems to be "Try Radeon Driver then the Vesa Driver."

On the Xorg site, there is a PR marked as fixed last month.  The latest
port of xorg is dated March 30, 2011.

Booting 8.2-Release DVD, amd 64, does not show the adapter in dmesg.  I
can post the dmesg, 1000 lines.

Has anyone used this video adapter?


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