[freebsd-questions] Lennart Poettering: BSD Isn't Relevant Anymore

Howard Jones howie at thingy.com
Mon Jul 18 18:37:02 UTC 2011

On 18/07/2011 19:18, Adam Vande More wrote:
> On Mon, Jul 18, 2011 at 5:24 AM, Howard Jones <howie at thingy.com 
> <mailto:howie at thingy.com>> wrote:
>     On 18/07/2011 11:14, Gour-Gadadhara Dasa wrote:
>     Interesting - I'm in the process of switching our FreeBSD servers to
>     Linux (Debian and CentOS), to get away from the packaging/ports
>     mess :-)
>     I've been spoilt by apt-get and yum and first-class support in Puppet.
>     I've been a FreeBSD user since 2.x, but keeping a significant
>     number of
>     systems up to date is just tedious without a decent binary package
>     manager/updater.
> What I find interesting is how strongly you speak of FreeBSD's power.  
> You have to replace it with two Linux distributions, greatly expanding 
> your management overhead.
Hehe. Not really - for work it's CentOS. I decided to try Debian for 
myself on my personal server. Even if it weren't though, I'd still be 
glad to skip portupgrade and friends. I will miss ipfw and netgraph on 
the other hand.

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