Am I Missing A Compat Library?

Dan Nelson dnelson at
Mon Jul 18 18:10:05 UTC 2011

In the last episode (Jul 18), Tim Daneliuk said:
> On 7/18/2011 12:43 PM, Roland Smith said this:
> > But I _don't_ get this linker error. Just a thought, but have a look at
> > glib and dbus, and check that it is linked to the right libicu?  ('ldd
> > /usr/local/lib/' and 'ldd /usr/local/lib/')
> > 
> > If that is not the case, you'll have to dive into the configure output,
> > I think.
> A forced deinstallation of avahi-app and then an installation, seems to
> have made the problem disappear.
> So much for "dynamically liked libraries will make systems maintenance
> simpler ..."

BTW, Both portupgrade and portmaster (with the -w flag) will copy old shared
libraries to /usr/local/lib/compat/pkg/ during an upgrade, so that programs
linked to them will still run.
	Dan Nelson
	dnelson at

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