Lennart Poettering: BSD Isn't Relevant Anymore

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Jerry <jerry at seibercom.net> wrote:

J> "Lennart Poettering: BSD Isn't Relevant Anymore"
J> <http://bsd.slashdot.org/story/11/07/16/0020243/Lennart-Poettering-BSD-Isnt-Relevant-Anymore>
J> Interestingly enough, a great deal of it is true. It might be
J> interesting to know how others feel about it. Obviously, asking that
J> question on this forum is like playing against a stacked deck;
J> however, it still might prove interesting.

having seen him in action on the last chaos communication congress I
consider him to be not relevant anymore at least to me. ;-)
Having used Linux since around 1995 I switched to FreeBSD by release
8.0 and I have never looked back. There are some small things I miss
but I want my systems to "just work".
I made the switch after I realised that I had to tinker around with
Linux nearly as much as with Windows to suit my needs.

Just my two cents...


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