how to force a hard reboot remotely

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Sun Jul 17 03:39:20 UTC 2011

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You can set up a BIOS boot time, if you can get onsite... that would allow you to power it down at, say, 11:59PM and have it power back on at Midnight.

Or a UPS that's controlled by another machine. Or the magic packet WOL option... but those require another machine. Maybe a switch or router than can send WOL packets would be a possibility?


On Jul 16, 2011, at 10:31 PM, Bill Tillman wrote:

> WOW! That's a tall order. A reboot from remote is simple, but a cold boot....I 
> don't think that's possible unless you have some kind of Wake-On-Lan capable NIC 
> which could detect a connection attempt while the machine is off. I can't say 
> that for sure because what you've got to remember is that with a cold boot, the 
> machine will no longer remember what OS it was running until it reboots. My 
> advice would be to get to the console if you absolutely have to cold boot it. Or 
> call someone nearby the console and have the actually turn the machine off, wait 
> the obligatory 30 seconds and then restart it. Someone else may have a better 
> idea.
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