how to force a hard reboot remotely

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Sun Jul 17 03:31:54 UTC 2011

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Subject: how to force a hard reboot remotely

Is there any way to force a complete power down and then reset of a
i386 without physically being present?
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WOW! That's a tall order. A reboot from remote is simple, but a cold boot....I 
don't think that's possible unless you have some kind of Wake-On-Lan capable NIC 
which could detect a connection attempt while the machine is off. I can't say 
that for sure because what you've got to remember is that with a cold boot, the 
machine will no longer remember what OS it was running until it reboots. My 
advice would be to get to the console if you absolutely have to cold boot it. Or 
call someone nearby the console and have the actually turn the machine off, wait 
the obligatory 30 seconds and then restart it. Someone else may have a better 

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