Issue upgrading to 7.4, looking for guidance

Keith Seyffarth weif at
Mon Jan 31 19:25:39 UTC 2011


> I ran into a similar issue upgrading from 7.2 to 7.3.  Here's the
> thread where I worked it out; it might be helpful in your case:
> My eventual solution was here, if you don't want to read through the
> whole thread:

I ended up getting instructions from a friend n manually running
# make buildworld
# mergemaster -p
# make installworld
# mergemaster -i

to get the world upgraded to 7.4-PRERELEASE.

After this a bunch of removing, reinstalling, and upgrading of ports was
necessary, but everything appears to be working now.

Of course, not having a FreeBSD CD for any version of FreeBSD would make
copying a file from the CD rather difficult... ;)

Keith S.

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