FreeBSD 8.2: state of Kerberos, GSS-API and (Cyrus) SASL?

Vallo Kallaste kalts at
Mon Jan 31 16:03:45 UTC 2011


I have the pleasure to post again to the FreeBSD list. Once a young
die-hard FreeBSD user I was pressured to "make do" with Linux for
reasons which I could not challenge. Part of those reasons have been
lifted so I'm considering FreeBSD again.
Googling for the subject keywords gave me quite disturbing overall
feeling. I have no personal experience but it seems that things are
broken from the second half of 2010 and still not recovered? I got
KDC up and working on 8.2-RC2 base Heimdal without any glitch, but
this is to be expected. What's the state about GSS-API and
cyrus-sasl2 integration with base Heimdal? With ports Heimdal? Can I
replace base Heimdal with one from ports, is it supported? Any
make.conf knobs to fiddle with? Any info appreciated.


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