linux PF_PACKET compatibility

Da Rock freebsd-questions at
Mon Jan 31 10:51:06 UTC 2011

On 01/31/11 20:22, b. f. wrote:
> Da Rock wrote:
> ...
>> I've been chasing the answer to a FreeBSD version of this (approx.
>> anyway), but I needed to find out what exactly PF_PACKET was first.
>> Finally found this answer here:
>> I looked up man socket and I can see possibilities (in my mind anyway),
>> but I thought I'd be best to check if the gurus here might have a better
>> idea. My reason for this is I'm attempting to build l2tpns (which
>> supposedly builds on 7.2?! with no trouble), and I'm chasing the errors
>> which appear to be linuxisms mostly.
>> So in man socket simply looking at the list of protocol families I'd say
>> network driver level would be PF_LINK link layer interface? Is there
>> another man page I should be looking at as well?
> In the past, those wishing to use similar functionality on FreeBSD
> have turned to pcap(3), bpf(4), or ng_etf(4), and the underlying code.
>   This kind of question is better directed to the freebsd-hackers and
> freebsd-net lists.
I figured it might be. Having trouble with hackers atm though- can't 
subscribe... :(


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