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Julian H. Stacey jhs at
Thu Jan 27 21:48:59 UTC 2011

Fred wrote:
> Hello,
> I need to buy an expensive logic device programmer that connects to a PC 
> through USB.  Unfortunately, the user software that make it go only runs 
> on Bill Gates' cancerous, virus-infested, scourge of the Earth excuse 
> for an OS which I do not use.  Is it likely to work ok using wine?  What 
> type of programs do not work well with wine?  There is a supported, 
> commercial version of wine that runs on Linux.  Would I be better off 
> buying that and running it on the FBSD Linux emulation?
> Best regards,
> Fred

FreeBSD has a special list for this topic:
PS main issue might be USB support within emulators from what I've read.

Note FreeBSD has Lots of lists:
Questions@ is/was for general simple beginners questions IMO, some
traffic here belongs on other more advanced lists.  Decide yourself,
browse the list above, click a few & read list remits.

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