Printing from inside the applications in FreeBSD 8.1 with CUPS

Bahman Kahinpour bahman.linux at
Thu Jan 27 17:51:50 UTC 2011

Hello FreeBSD fans,

After a lot of work, I managed to get my printer work with CUPS with
appropriate filters. Now, I can print the test page using
http://localhost:631 and also I can print any postscript file from

cat ~/ | /usr/local/bin/lp

Note that I can not print using simple "lp" command as there a "lp" in
/bin/lp. How can I print from inside the applications? Take Firefox or
gedit for instance. How can I print from those apps using File>Print
menu? I need to add stuff to those dialogs which open from File>Menu.

There are only two choices "Printer to File" and "Print to LPR".
Printing to LPR does not work at all as I think it references /bin/lpr
instead of /usr/local/bin/lpr. (Snapshot attached) How can I add more
options in this dialog?

Right now, in order to print I choose Print to File "as PostScript"
and use command line cat PostScriptFile | /usr/local/bin/lp to print.

Thanks for Help
Bahman Kahinpour

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