Managing ESXi from FreeBSD...

Outback Dingo outbackdingo at
Mon Jan 24 22:06:09 UTC 2011

On Mon, Jan 24, 2011 at 4:31 PM, Kevin Wilcox <kevin.wilcox at>wrote:

> On 24 January 2011 13:42, Outback Dingo <outbackdingo at> wrote:
> > loose ESucksXi and install XCP 1.0 and for management xencenter /
> >  openxencenter will run on FreeBSD,
> I wish I could recommend XCP and/or Xen to the average user but trying
> to install FreeBSD 8.1-amd64 in Xen, even running in HVM, doesn't come
> close to the "boot and go" ease of FreeBSD in VMWare products. That
> opinion may change once I get a template similar to the provided Linux
> templates but until then, as far as I'm concerned, Xen can't touch
> ESXi.
> I would *love* for someone like RootBSD, who specialises in FreeBSD on
> Xen, to come through with tips on how they get it to work so well. In
> a stock install, running in an HVM environment, I get boot failures
> approximately two-thirds of the time, *usually* right after the ACPI
> APIC TABLE <Xen HVM> line but it does vary. By "boot failure" I mean
> vCPU usage drops to 0% for at least 10 - 15 minutes before I give up
> and reboot.
> kmw

hrmmm thats strange, we simply uploaded the iso in xcp and created a VM in
the UI, using the iso as install media
pretty much the same as you would in VirtualBox or Vmware, odd you have had
so many issues, ive been
running FreeBSD under XEN since 6.2.... never had any issues getting it
working, im sure though its dauting
when you dont have a UI to manage it, though its also quite doable, but
there is openxencenter now

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