Managing ESXi from FreeBSD...

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Mon Jan 24 17:08:16 UTC 2011


Sorry for top posting - my phone makes it awkward.

Thanks - although I don't intend to admin this over the internet, just within my home network. Are there any pre-built appliances specifically to admin the host?

Thanks again,


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Subject: Re: Managing ESXi from FreeBSD...
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Date: 24/01/2011 10:22

On 23 January 2011 22:41, Peter Harrison <peter.piggybox at> wrote:
> Hello list,
> I've just started messing around with my new Proliant. I've installed ESXi 4.1 and have a VM up and running with 8.2-RC2 using the (Windows only) vSphere client.
> I don't want to be stuck using Windows to manage this machine though. What are my options for managing this machine and the VM's from my FreeBSD laptop? I've enable ssh access, but can I control all the VM's this way? Is there a command line or X-Windows option for remotely management?
> Any tips or suggestions gratefully receivied!
> TIA.
> Peter Harrison.
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There are command line tools for linux I believe, not sure if they
will work on freebsd though. However what I have done on my esx is
install a freebsd host, that has 2x virtual nics. One has a public ip
and the other goes into the vmware management lan. I then enabled ssh
on the esxi host. I can then get a shell and do all manner of
wonderful things 8). The freebsd box provided the security for the
esxi host by locking down access with pf and a limited number of accts

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