Can't open serial line /dev/cuaa0: no such file or direcotry (2)

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Fri Jan 21 11:51:30 UTC 2011

On Fri, 21 Jan 2011 00:04:12 +0000, Mike Adams <mike.adams2009 at> wrote:
> ls /dev shows that there is no cuaa0, only cuad0.  I see that
> this was changed to standardize naming conventions.

Exchanging the UART driver was also a reason, as far as
I know. The "conventional" serial driver can still be
compiled into the kernel, but it isn't the default
anymore since sometime in the 6- branch.

> I've tried sh makedev cuaa0, but get the errorCan't open
> makedev: no such file or directory. 

I think "sh MAKEDEV" would be the correct call. Anyway,
the /dev file system is a virtual file system now controlled
by the devfs and devd system services. There is no need
for the MAKEDEV script anymore.

You could try to add a line like

	link	cuad0	cuaa0

to /etc/devfs.conf and then

	# /etc/rc.d/devfs restart

but I may be possible that the program you're intending to
use does require the "conventional" serial driver that would
create /dev/cuaa* entries.

See the related man pages for more details.

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