Implications of missing this step?

Michael D. Norwick mnorwick at
Fri Jan 21 06:59:09 UTC 2011

On 01/20/2011 22:57, b. f. wrote:
>> Good Day;
>> Running PC-BSD 8.1 with a custom kernel and new world.  I just finished
>> another custom kernel and rebuilt world according to the FreeBSD
>> handbook.  While reading the docs again to find an answer to a question
>> about how upgraded ports are handled, I came across the following in 24.2.3;
>> "If a custom kernel is in use, the upgrade process is slightly more
>> involved. A copy of the GENERIC kernel is needed, and it should be
>> placed in /boot/GENERIC. If the GENERIC kernel is not already present in
>> the system, it may be obtained using one of the following methods:"
>> I am in the process of doing #>portupgrade -af with a new custom kernel
>> and stock (rebuilt) world i.e. buildkernel KERNCONF=KERNEL_011911, and
>> buildworld... (after upgrading src and ports with csup).  Things seem to
>> be going ok but the statements about 'old object files and libraries'
>> being out of date for third party applications, make me feel as if I
>> have done something wrong.  I blew away the GENERIC kernel several
>> iterations of kernel builds ago.  I always start a build with #>make
>> clean.  What can go wrong by not following the above step?  Is a GENERIC
>> kernel always needed?
> No.  The handbook is a bit misleading here.  First it starts to
> mention that, after updating your base system, you will probably need
> to update any ports and/or packages, too.  Then, without any warning,
> it jumps abruptly into a discussion of how to update the base system
> with the 'freebsd-update' method.  That method seemingly requires a
> GENERIC kernel to be present, which is what the paragraph you quoted
> mentions.  But you're already past that point -- you've already
> updated your base system, and it seems that you built from source, so
> that paragraph isn't relevant, anyway.  Just proceed with updating
> your ports.  (And bear in mind that PC-BSD has some issues with using
> both FreeBSD ports and the PC-BSD packaging system, so you may want to
> consult their documentation as well as that of the FreeBSD project, if
> you plan to use PBIs, too.)
> b.
Thank You,

All still appears to be going well with portupgrade.   KDE4 and friends 
and Virtualbox-OSE haven't upgraded yet.  I do not use binary packages 
on the BSD systems I run, if I can avoid it, for philosophical reasons.  
But, I'll check their (PC-BSD's) docs also.


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