Implications of missing this step?

b. f. bf1783 at
Fri Jan 21 04:57:18 UTC 2011

> Good Day;
> Running PC-BSD 8.1 with a custom kernel and new world.  I just finished
> another custom kernel and rebuilt world according to the FreeBSD
> handbook.  While reading the docs again to find an answer to a question
> about how upgraded ports are handled, I came across the following in 24.2.3;
> "If a custom kernel is in use, the upgrade process is slightly more
> involved. A copy of the GENERIC kernel is needed, and it should be
> placed in /boot/GENERIC. If the GENERIC kernel is not already present in
> the system, it may be obtained using one of the following methods:"
> I am in the process of doing #>portupgrade -af with a new custom kernel
> and stock (rebuilt) world i.e. buildkernel KERNCONF=KERNEL_011911, and
> buildworld... (after upgrading src and ports with csup).  Things seem to
> be going ok but the statements about 'old object files and libraries'
> being out of date for third party applications, make me feel as if I
> have done something wrong.  I blew away the GENERIC kernel several
> iterations of kernel builds ago.  I always start a build with #>make
> clean.  What can go wrong by not following the above step?  Is a GENERIC
> kernel always needed?

No.  The handbook is a bit misleading here.  First it starts to
mention that, after updating your base system, you will probably need
to update any ports and/or packages, too.  Then, without any warning,
it jumps abruptly into a discussion of how to update the base system
with the 'freebsd-update' method.  That method seemingly requires a
GENERIC kernel to be present, which is what the paragraph you quoted
mentions.  But you're already past that point -- you've already
updated your base system, and it seems that you built from source, so
that paragraph isn't relevant, anyway.  Just proceed with updating
your ports.  (And bear in mind that PC-BSD has some issues with using
both FreeBSD ports and the PC-BSD packaging system, so you may want to
consult their documentation as well as that of the FreeBSD project, if
you plan to use PBIs, too.)


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