FreeBSD cups printing server

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Thu Jan 20 04:53:11 UTC 2011

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> Subject: FreeBSD cups printing server
> Hello list,
> I have a freshly installed FreeBSD 8.2 print server using the latest cups 
> from ports.
> I have a Brother 9440CN printer and a Virtual pdf printer installed with 
> cups-pdf
> both work great...
> my problem is I want to create a pdf for everything I send to the brother 
> printer (for archival purposes)
> can I add multiple printers to a single queue? or is there a script 
> somewhere, that I could copy the cups generated postscript to the 
> cups-pdf printer?

At least a couple of options:

(the *UGLY* one)
1) define a named pipe
2) tell CUPS that that pipe is the printer device
3) from the system start-up script, launch a script
   that does the following in a loop:
     uses tee(1) to read from the named pipe, and copy to a unique archive file
     pipes stdout from tee(1) to the actual printer device

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