use of menus crashes Firefox?

Keith Seyffarth weif at
Tue Jan 18 22:56:07 UTC 2011

OK. This is still being a problem.  I've removed Firefox 3.6 from my
system and installed Firefox 3.5. Use of menus doesn't cause 3.5 to
crash, but it sill has problems. On some web sites, the browser dumps
core. For example trying to log in, create an account, or retrieve a
password at which leaves this core (as processed
by gdb):

Core was generated by `firefox-bin'.
Program terminated with signal 12, Bad system call.
#0  0x29d7f16b in ?? ()

Now, again, this is in Firefox 3.5. That message isn't very informative
to me, but maybe it is helpful to someone else?

Again, this started after updating GTK on December 18 or so, following
the instructions in /usr/ports/UPDATING

Among the things that will cause Firefox to dump core in 3.5 or 3.6 are
visiting some web sites (see above), accepting a signed secure
certificate the first time (once it crashes Firefox, it's not a problem
on subsequent visits), attempting to accept a questionable certificate
(either telling Firefox to accept the certificate permanently or not),
or exiting Firefox.

In firefox 3.6, anything that generates a menu will also crash the

I have tried
So far I have tried the following:

* Remove the .mozilla directory and start firefox without extensions,
  plugins, or customizations
* Force reinstall of Firefox (portupgrade -F)
* Remove and reinstall Firefox
* Force reinstall of the mouse input driver
* Remove and reinstall xorg and components
* Remove and reinstall Fluxbox window manager
* pkg_deleteing all firefox plugins and nspluginwrapper
* Uninstalling Firefox 3.6 and installing Firefox 3.5 (helpful, but not
* running portupgrade -aOW again

I'm wondering if this can't be fixed short of formatting and starting
over, but I'd really hope to avoid a very M$Windows solution like
that... Any further ideas?

Keith S.

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