xinyou yan yxy.716 at
Tue Jan 18 15:34:15 UTC 2011

Yesterday I make install the mit-scheme.

And i use some methods  in the  repl.

However. I don't   know  how to compile a  code file

Here is   "   how to compile   "  in  mit-scheme   User’s Manual

4.1 Compilation Procedures
cf filename [destination]
This is the program that transforms a source-code file into
native-code binary form.
If destination is not given, as in
(cf "foo")
cf compiles the file ‘foo.scm’, producing the file ‘’
(incidentally it will also
produce ‘foo.bin’, ‘foo.bci’, and possibly ‘foo.ext’). If you later evaluate
(load "foo")
‘’ will be loaded rather than ‘foo.scm’.
If destination is given, it says where the output files should go. If
this argument is a
directory, they go in that directory, e.g.:
(cf "foo" "../bar/")
will take ‘foo.scm’ and generate the file ‘../bar/’. If
destination is not a
directory, it is the root name of the output:
(cf "foo" "bar")
takes ‘foo.scm’ and generates ‘’.

I can't understand .
I use  scheme --compile test.asm   It doesn't work;

thank you

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