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Tue Jan 18 11:05:20 UTC 2011

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>          I remember that there was a documentation project going on for
>  FreeBSD  and
> I'd like know its status and  URL .  Hopefully there is a good index (I
> consider this an
> essential tool in books).

On the FRONT PAGE of the website there is a big ole button with
the word "Documentation" on it?
The link (for the truely lazy) is :

>  Another section I would like to see is one about internet
> access and also the subsection about  email .  I want to be able to access
> my  juno email
> account and see a list of the received emails (with the name of the sender,
> the subject,
> and date & time sent, possibly other data), be able to select emails to
> read (and to
> delete them after they are read at the reader's discretion).  There is also
> the flip side,
> the ability to create emails, specify to whom they are to be sent, and send
> them.

All of the above is accomplished using a Mail User Agent (MUA)
application,... there are litterally thousands to choose from so it is
HIGHLY unlikely that any open source OS will include this in the manual...

Install a few and decide for youreself what suits you best.

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