documentation OF FreeBSD

gs_stoller at gs_stoller at
Tue Jan 18 10:24:49 UTC 2011

          I remember that there was a documentation project going on for  FreeBSD  and
I'd like know its status and  URL .  Hopefully there is a good index (I consider this an
essential tool in books).  Another section I would like to see is one about internet
access and also the subsection about  email .  I want to be able to access my  juno email 
account and see a list of the received emails (with the name of the sender, the subject,
and date & time sent, possibly other data), be able to select emails to read (and to
delete them after they are read at the reader's discretion).  There is also the flip side,
the ability to create emails, specify to whom they are to be sent, and send them.
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