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Fri Jan 14 03:36:45 UTC 2011

Jack L. Stone wrote:
> I have used's DNS zone service for about 9 years and it
> handles a number of static IPs for my companies.
> Now, suddenly they have created a "new platform" and migrating accounts
> from the legacy platform to the new. The legacy site doen't work anymore,
> just confirms account and redirects to the new site.
> Are there any members here using and having trouble with their
> login? I cannot get my login to work and they won't solve the problem. They
> say they have reset my password but it doesn't work. The legacy web site
> says my account has been migrated, yet the login doesn't work. The legacy
> site responds to my normal email address used for the entire 9 years, but
> the new platform only responds with an error that the email doesn't exist.
> The service still works, but no access to manage my zones.
> (Yes, I copy/paste the login so no typos.)
> I've sent numerous request for help since Jan 12th but only get the robot
> response with the same information about responding in 24 hours -- but,
> they never respond.
> Now, here I sit without access to numerous domain zones I need to edit with
> any way to access them. This is hurting my biz.
> So, anyone with this issue out there or know of an alternative company to
> replace zoneedit?
> Thanks for any response (no robots pls -- heh, heh)
> (^_^)
> Happy trails,
> Jack L. Stone
> System Admin
> Sage-american
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Aloha Jack,

Yes, I use Zone Edit.

I just had to email them at Support:>  support at
and Paul T. sent me this link to the legacy site as they havent migrated 
all the DNS. >

My issue was that I had the older view era monitor on the rack I use to 
do this and read emails. Their new web face is wide screen and my 
monitor chopped off the link to the old site to log on so I emailed them 
and they answered me in a day.

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