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> > > I've read it before. Who hasn't? 
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> > I haven't. :-)
> While reading it, just keep this in mind:
> It's about "programming" in csh.  It's not about using csh as an
> interactive user shell.  People who try to use it as "proof" that we
> should not use csh as an interactive user shell don't get it.

>From my personal experience, I know that the C shell is
not the best shell for scripting, but one of the best
interactive shells. The article proves the first part
of my statement to be quite... accurate, as the C shell
really has some specific syntax - redirection and grouping
are typical issues. But well, that's not a big problem
as the C shell does not claim to be command-line
compatible to (ba)sh.

> I see from this you are not prone to confuse programming with an
> interactive user shell.

I'm old enough not to be cheated that easily. :-)

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