are there any GUI editors that use vi/vim-like abbreviations

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Tue Feb 22 02:22:46 UTC 2011

On 21 February 2011 20:49, Fred <fred at> wrote:
> On 02/21/11 18:32, Gary Kline wrote:
>>        iF we throw out "gvim" since it is simply the GUI variant of
>>        vim, are there are other GUI editors that use the kinds of :ab
>>        abbreviations that vi does?  I ask this because I don't know
>>        wmany many people with speech imopairments or who cannot speak
>>        at all would be interested in using my version of vi/vim with
>>        it's .ex/.nex/.vimrc and my hundred+ abbreviations.
>>        The IM app, pidgin is not an editor, but it does let user use
>>        the mouse and/or arrow keys.  pidgin also uses abbrvs.  BEcause
>>        i type so slowly, i have my pidgin set up to use a slew of
>>        abbrev.  [Well, not the obv's, like 'FWIW' :-) ... but other
>>        words.
>>        I would be interested in knowing how many list members _don't_
>>        know vi and use another editor.  just curious....

As little as I like linking to the "en"cyclopaedia that even a
paranoid hydrocephalic with (Gilles de la) Tourette syndrome
can edit:

>  Vi
> is insane.



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