Best Laptop to buy for Freebsd Without OS?

John Levine johnl at
Sat Feb 19 04:55:06 UTC 2011

>	At one point, Thinkpads - particularly the T4x series - were
>_the_ recommended used laptop.  While it's been a while since i
>looked into this formally, my grapevine says the quality went
>downhill quickly after Lenovo bought IBM's pc hardware division.

I'm typing this on my Lenovo X200 running 8.1. For the most part it
works quite well and the quality seems similar to my previous IBM X40.

The worst annoyance is that the sound volume is quite low, and I
haven't yet figured out what to tweak to fix that.  It has bluetooth
and a fingerprint reader, neither of which I've set up, mostly out of
lack of interest.


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