Best Laptop to buy for Freebsd Without OS?

Julian H. Stacey jhs at
Sat Feb 19 02:35:56 UTC 2011

> The major OEMs will say "OK, then you must return the computer," and
> you have no option but to comply. This is true for the USA.

192 sovereign countries exist with differing laws.
  Licenses I've seen from usually USA companies in Europe over
  decades have often seemed to contravene local law.  USA allows
  more restrictions I believe: reverse engineering & unbundling of
  soft+hardware bundles etc is OK in Europe I think.  A British
  appeals court test case in '80s ruled against NCP: Conditions
  available after purchase are void.

  One would need an M$ licence to run M$, but if it held clauses
  that eg forbade running under emulation, or on replacement hardware,
  those could contravene some local law & if so be void.  M$ was
  heavily fined by European court a while back (Search with "Microsoft
  convicted monopolist") I woudn't expect happy compliance.
  XP purchased with a Toshiba laptop runs native, but fails on
  virtualbox, on the same laptop.  I believe XP is crippled to only
  run on Toshiba, & vbox presents too clean/generic an environment ;-)

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