Best Laptop to buy for Freebsd Without OS?

Brian Callahan korszca at
Fri Feb 18 00:28:20 UTC 2011

> Those links both sport some pretty expensive prices.  My comparable ASUS
> cost about half that, and came with Windows 7 installed (which I simply
> erased).  Are those prices for real?
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> Sterling (Chip) Camden | sterling at | 2048D/3A978E4F
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Oh, I have no doubt they're for real. That's the problem with smaller
OEMs. You can't live on razor thin profit margins.

ZaReason also has no-OS options (they're a Linux
vendor). Again, prices aren't the cheapest.

I personally buy my laptops by going to Staples, Circuit City, Best
Buy, etc. with the latest OpenBSD-current to check its dmesg (and I
highly recommend this) and blasting Windows off the HD as soon as I
get home, but the OP asked for no-OS laptops.


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