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Wed Feb 16 21:08:47 UTC 2011

On Wed, Feb 16, 2011 at 09:28:45AM -0800, Chip Camden wrote:
> It's called Vimium, and Chad Perrin figured out how to get it working on
> FreeBSD.  But Vimium isn't Vimperator, and chromium disables extensions
> when viewing the home page or local files.  So, for instance, vimium's
> key bindings don't work when viewing an HTML attachment to an email.

To be perfectly clear, what I had figured out was how to get Vimium
working with Chromium v5.x, back when that was the only version of
chromium in FreeBSD ports.  The problem was that Vimium used an extension
writing feature that did not exist until 6.x, so it would not install
properly on 5.x.  The chromium version in ports was eventually updated to
6.x obviating the need for my fix -- but then things sorta stagnated, and
we ended up with the current circumstance of a transition to a new port

As Sterling indicates, though, Vimium does not work properly (or at all)
under certain circumstances, and some basic capabilities that make
Vimperator usable are not (easily, at least) within the capabilities of
the chromium extension system.  As such, it's pretty well inferior to
Vimperator, through no fault of the extension writers as far as I'm

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