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Chip Camden sterling at
Wed Feb 16 17:28:50 UTC 2011

Quoth four.harrisons at on Wednesday, 16 February 2011:
> Sorry for top-posting - my 'phone makes doing it properly difficult.
> There is a similar extension to Vimperator for Chromium, but it's name escapes me (Vimeo?). Last time I checked though it didn't work on the FreeBSD version.
> After some time with Vimperator now, I find myself futilely bashing 'o' and 'j' and 'H' when browsing using IE on my works machine.
> Peter Harrison

It's called Vimium, and Chad Perrin figured out how to get it working on
FreeBSD.  But Vimium isn't Vimperator, and chromium disables extensions
when viewing the home page or local files.  So, for instance, vimium's
key bindings don't work when viewing an HTML attachment to an email.

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