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Warren Block wblock at
Wed Feb 16 19:38:38 UTC 2011

On Wed, 16 Feb 2011, Fred wrote:

>> There's a downloadable version of the software on the site.  If that works 
>> acceptably, the final hurdle would be whether it can communicate with the 
>> programmer by USB.  The site says it's USB 2.0 and installs drivers on 
>> Windows, which doesn't bode well for the Wine/FreeBSD setup. It may work, 
>> although you have to expect that any support call will blame problems on 
>> the non-standard setup.

> I downloaded the programmer software and wine installed it without any 
> problems (350 MB!).  The software seems to run ok so far under wine.  So the 
> remaining issue is the USB connection.  I found the USB port in /dev but to 
> make the link I also need to know what Windows calls the USB port so the 
> programmer software can find it.  If one plugs a non-storage USB device into 
> Windows without installing any specific driver, what does Windows call the 
> USB port?

If the device shows up as a USB serial port (/dev/cuaU0) , it can be 
linked to a Wine com port, as shown here:

Don't know about other types of devices.

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