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Daniel Zhelev daniel at
Wed Feb 16 09:43:33 UTC 2011

On Wed, Feb 16, 2011 at 10:39 AM, Mihai Donțu <mihai.dontu at> wrote:

> On Wednesday 16 February 2011 09:09:44 Gary Kline wrote:
> > Anybody know how to use this "Chrome"?  I don't see any places to
> > plug in players ... like vlc, etc.  Can't find and back/Forward
> > icons, nothing like firefox....    I give it all three thumbs
> > down.....
> >
> > Would still like to see GOOG have its own "twitter" and "facebook"
> > tho.....
> >
> > Anybody else have the browser on FBSD??
> I haven't tried it, but maybe it works under the FreeBSD Linux emulation. I
> found some build hints here too: ,
> however it
> definitely needs some love from a dedicated FreeBSD developer.
> I use Google Chrome (or Chromium - depends on how bleeding edge I want to
> be)
> on Linux. I'm amazed by the speed with which the project progresses and the
> incredible feel of the browser itself.
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> Mihai Donțu
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I`m running it on Debian/Linux - never tried it on FreeBSD. It is much
lighter than the Linux Firefox, loads faster - uses better cache mechanisms,
supports html5 video tag with both H.264 and Theora(H.264 support will drop
out soon) so no need for flash, you can use extensions/plugins
from Firefox and if you use Google gmail/office/calendar etc it have better
performance and integration but not very different from Firefox. The
downside is that you can anticipate in some strange survey that sends
information about you to the advertisers mother ship, generates strange
traffic with unknown content, will probably have ads in later builds :). So
if you are used to and love Firefox, don`t go to Chrome there is not very
big differences and probably won`t ever have.

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