Rem P Roberti remegius at
Tue Feb 15 20:47:46 UTC 2011

> NOTE: Slightly OT, but figured it was worth the post.
> As a side-note, the config-file will be "cleaned up" before being embedded into the kernel. Meaning "config -x `sysctl -n kern.bootfile`" will rarely ever match the config that was used to generate the kernel in the first place.
> Specifically, comments are removed, and if you've nested configs using the "include" statement, redundant and/or conflicting directives will be consolidated.
> If you instead wish to embed the kernel config AS-IS, comments and structure remaining in-tact, you should instead:
> 	cd /sys/ARCH/conf
> 	config -C -g CONFIG
> NOTE: `/sys' ought to be a symbolic link to `/usr/src/sys'
> NOTE: ARCH is to be replaced with something like "i386", "amd64", etc.
> NOTE: CONFIG is to be replaced with something like "GENERIC", "PAE", "MYCUSTOMKERNELCONFIG", etc.
> Then one simply does the following to compile the kernel:
> 	cd ../../compile/CONFIG
> 	make depend
> 	make
> BUT... then again not everybody:
> a. compiles their own custom kernels
> b. uses a custom config
> c. needs to be able to extract the config verbatim from the compiled kernel
> YNMV (Your Needs May Vary).
> --
> Devin

Not off topic at all, and much appreciated.  A lot of what has been 
offered as a result of my OP is a bit over my head at this stage of the 
game, but much isn't.  I'm gaining on it!



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