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On Feb 15, 2011, at 4:25 AM, Julian H. Stacey wrote:

>> Where do 
>> I locate the kernel config file?
> Adding
> to
> 	/sys/i386/conf/GENERIC
> 	or /sys/amd64/conf/
> allows
> 	config -x /boot/kernel/kernel

NOTE: Slightly OT, but figured it was worth the post.

As a side-note, the config-file will be "cleaned up" before being embedded into the kernel. Meaning "config -x `sysctl -n kern.bootfile`" will rarely ever match the config that was used to generate the kernel in the first place.

Specifically, comments are removed, and if you've nested configs using the "include" statement, redundant and/or conflicting directives will be consolidated.

If you instead wish to embed the kernel config AS-IS, comments and structure remaining in-tact, you should instead:

	cd /sys/ARCH/conf
	config -C -g CONFIG

NOTE: `/sys' ought to be a symbolic link to `/usr/src/sys'
NOTE: ARCH is to be replaced with something like "i386", "amd64", etc.
NOTE: CONFIG is to be replaced with something like "GENERIC", "PAE", "MYCUSTOMKERNELCONFIG", etc.

Then one simply does the following to compile the kernel:

	cd ../../compile/CONFIG
	make depend

BUT... then again not everybody:
a. compiles their own custom kernels
b. uses a custom config
c. needs to be able to extract the config verbatim from the compiled kernel

YNMV (Your Needs May Vary).

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