Rem P Roberti rem at
Mon Feb 14 23:51:41 UTC 2011

I need to ask this question again in the hopes that something will come 
of it.  In the process of going through an update (I finally got that 
sorted out) all of my partitions were renamed.  Here they are:

Filesystem               1K-blocks       Used       Avail      Capacity 
       Mounted on
/dev/label/rootfs0    507630         326734   140286       70%        
devfs                                  1               1          0     
    100%                /dev
/dev/label/var0      1012974         170386   761552       18%        
/dev/label/usr0     33292236       9358560 21270298     31%              
linprocfs                          4                   4          0   
     100%    /usr/compat/linux/proc
/dev/md0                789518                 16     726342      0%  

As you can see, root, which was once /dev/ad0s1a, is now 
/dev/label/rootfs0, and /var, which was once /dev/ad0s1d, is now 
/dev/label/var0.  Along with these changes the /etc/fstab was 
automatically modified to allow the boot process to take place.  Can 
someone give me a heads up as to what is going on here.


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