Debian GNU/kFreeBSD

Maciej Milewski milu at
Sun Feb 13 07:57:08 UTC 2011

Sunday 13 of February 2011 08:12:05 Odhiambo Washington napisał(a):
> My question is: WHY need 7 DVDs??? DVDs?? Even M$ does not do such a crazy
> thing with its bloat-ware!! FreeBSD ships 1 DVD.
> What is it that this Debian GNU/kFreeBSD ships in those 7 DVDs?
I think the answer for your first question is on

And talking about GNU/kFreeBSD:
"Although a full set of binary packages requires several CDs, it is unlikely 
you will need packages on the third CD and above. You may also consider using 
the DVD version, which saves a lot of space on your shelf and you avoid the CD 
shuffling marathon."
They are writing about CD's but I think the same is about DVD's containing the 
most wanted packages on the first image(s).

Of course that you don't need full set of DVD's. You can even use a small 
netinstall cd to get Debian. AFAIR on the last discs there were sources for 
the packages from the first several discs. So the release version of the 
Debian contains not only packages but the sources too and it's all included in 
these DVD's. It's like release of FreeBSD + all distfiles on the CD/DVD media.


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