Follow a port of a specific major verion

Mikael Bak mbak at
Tue Feb 8 12:17:44 UTC 2011

Lowell Gilbert wrote:
> Mikael Bak <mbak at> writes:
>> I was not aware I could just install the same software over the other
>> without first removing it. Shouldn't I do that? I would not want to end
>> up with a broken software or a broken ports database.
> No, you want to remove the old port before installing the new one.  But
> you can *build* the new port before removing the old one.

Thanks for the clarification!
That will obviously minimize the downtime. Much appreciated!

>> If I would set my mind on editing the ports database by hand, where
>> should I look for it?
> /var/db/pkg (but as I said earlier, it's not worthwhile)

Ok. I will probably remove the port and reinstall it, as suggested by
you and by others.

Thanks to everyone who answered. Problem solved. Thread closed.


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