Why does my 8.2-RC3 dvd1 boot DOS?

Chuck Bacon crtb at cape.com
Sun Feb 6 20:48:46 UTC 2011

SERIOUS APOLOGIES!  I've found out my dvd is marginal, or
possibly the drive.  What seemed like a bad dvd apparently
resulted in a scan (by the BIOS?) until it found a boot loader
it understood, "PC-DOS" it said, which was one of several I
discovered in grepping the ISO file.  I should have
done freebsd-update !
       Chuck Bacon - crtb at cape.com

> I downloaded it yesterday.  Here's the facts:
> 1. md5 matches CHECKSUM.MD5
> 2. When I boot off the BIOS, it takes a half minute or so, and
>     then: voila!  PC-DOS boots, and for all the world look as
>     though it will boot a larger system; except it doesn't have
>     a clue.
> Here's the hypothesis: The FreeBSD-8.3-RC3 boot loader doesn't
> satisfy my BIOS, and the BIOS looks through the dvd until it finds
> one of the DOS boot loaders provided by some fdisk variant.
> Any ideas why?
> If nothing else, I'll download disc1.  Praps that'll work!
> Many thanks,
>  	Chuck Bacon -- crtb at cape.com

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