Why does my 8.2-RC3 dvd1 boot DOS?

Chuck Bacon crtb at cape.com
Fri Feb 4 22:10:45 UTC 2011

I downloaded it yesterday.  Here's the facts:

1. md5 matches CHECKSUM.MD5

2. When I boot off the BIOS, it takes a half minute or so, and
    then: voila!  PC-DOS boots, and for all the world look as
    though it will boot a larger system; except it doesn't have
    a clue.

Here's the hypothesis: The FreeBSD-8.3-RC3 boot loader doesn't
satisfy my BIOS, and the BIOS looks through the dvd until it finds
one of the DOS boot loaders provided by some fdisk variant.
Any ideas why?

If nothing else, I'll download disc1.  Praps that'll work!

Many thanks,
 	Chuck Bacon -- crtb at cape.com

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