Scanner recommendation

Rem P Roberti remegius at
Fri Feb 4 16:53:08 UTC 2011

>> Now that I understand how to get a scanner working, if there are any
>> photographers out there who are using scanners with FreeBSD for
>> negatives or slides I would love to hear a recommendation.  I have an
>> Epson V500, but it is unsupported, and the only scanner that I have
>> that is supported is an old HP Scanjet 3970, which is a poor scanner
>> for doing negatives or slides.
> On Linux I'm very satisfied with VueScan (having Epson V700) which is,
> imho, much better than all the free-source tools, but wonder whether
> it works via Linux emulation?

I use Vuescan with Windoze, and you are right, it is infinitely better 
than any free source software.  However, it is not available for use 
with FreeBSD.


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