Opening Opera as user

Rem P Roberti remegius at
Wed Feb 2 15:56:26 UTC 2011

> Just wanted to mention that Flash works fine for me with native Opera and the opera-linuxplugins port.
> So did you install linux-Opera from the port?  I haven't run linux-Opera on FreeBSD in a while (I run it in Linux:), so I don't recall - is the binary called "opera" or "linux-opera"?
> Jud
>>>     I always start x as user.  I learned early on not to make the
>>>     mistake of starting X as root.  I use Fluxbox with X, and had a
>>>     terminal window open there with root invoked for that window.     That's when I first tried to open linux-opera.  Naturally, it
>>>     opened fine, but will not open if I try to do the same thing from
>>>     a terminal window as user.  I would like to set up Opera to open
>>>     from the Fluxbox menu, but in order for that to happen the program
>>>     needs to be opened as user, which is just what I can't do.
>>> I'm not an opera user so maybe there's a reason I'm not aware of, but why are you using linux-opera and not the native version?
>>> You can try to run it under truss(1) to see if that gives any clues as where it's failing.
>> The reason that I installed linux-opera, as opposed to the native version, is that all of the linux plugins seem to work quite well with this version.  Flash, for example, works beautifully, which is something that I have never had success using with any other browser and FreeBSD.
>> Rem

I installed the program from the ports.  And, yes, the binary is called 
linux-opera.  If I can't figure out why the program refuses to open as 
user I will probably do a pkg_delete and start over, especially since 
you seem to have the plug-ins working fine with the native program.


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