why newline scape sequence does not work in Freebsd's bash

Edward Martinez eam1edward at gmail.com
Sat Dec 31 00:44:52 UTC 2011


Why  the scape sequence; newline (\n) does not work  in  FreeBSD's  
bash,  However, it works  both  in Linux and Solaris bash?

For instance, when i type something basic using the newline scape 
sequence in FreeBSD bash i get this:

    $ FRUIT_BASKET="apple oranges pears"
    $ echo "My fruit basket contains:\n$FRUIT_BASKET"
     My fruit basket contains:\napple oranges pears

  the newline  becomes part of stdout, but it works in linux and 
solaris; the output is shown in two separate lines.
  is there is setting i have to change in FreeBSD's shell  init file so 
it will behave like linux and solaris bash shell or use just use "printf"?

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